Novelty is a driving force in our modern age.

We are suffering from a surplus of novelty and a severe lack of quality.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, books or video games, if it’s new, the higher the chance you’ll attract attention.

For centuries any changes to the status quo were met with fire and brimstone, but huge leaps in technology, leaps that take mere months instead of centuries, have completely revolutionized our way of thinking.

Now if you aren’t cutting edge then you might as well give up before even starting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that older methods of doing things don’t still hold promise. I personally see great value in long form content such as podcasts, video and written word.

But those mediums have become increasingly popular to create in short form , little bite sized nuggets to share with the world so that their toilet breaks are more memorable.

Every year that goes by sees people giving more of themselves to the online sphere, a never ending stream of content blasting your synapses into oblivion.

I am not against technological advancement, as it can greatly open up the possibility for people to bring their ideas to life without the bureaucracy getting in the way.

I just hope with time that the culture of pumping out new, flashy  redundant apps, bite-sized books, mind numbing anime, and games that have zero substance slows down and people start focusing more on quality work again.

I’m hopeful.

In the game sphere, we are seeing a slow and steady surge of indie developers who are making unique, beautiful games with lovely stories.

Authors are publishing their own works, skipping over the insanity that is the publishing industry, going straight to the source, us, and writing their stories directly onto their websites, or publishing purely ebooks. Many of them aren’t that good, but there are diamonds in the rough everywhere now that access has been expanded.

Change is everywhere, most of it tends to be negative, but there is always a glimmer of light in the darkness.

The battle between novelty and quality has been going on for a long time, it’s our responsibility to make sure quality wins.

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