Throughout the ages there have been countless horrible deeds committed in the name of family.

People have defended monsters simply because they happened to share the same blood. They have put up with family members who have brought them down to the lowest rungs of despair, and for what? Because they happened to be related genetically.

With the holidays upon us, I think it would be prudent for people to re-evaluate their concepts of family.

Family should be something you build, based on trust and respect,a sharing of values.

It should be about caring deeply for the person sitting across from you, regardless of whether or not they are your blood relative.

If someone in your family is a horrible influence on you, cut them out.

If someone brings joy and security into your life, then bind them to you as family.

Don’t let something meaningless like genes tie you to those who do nothing for you, create your own sphere of love and experience life to the fullest with those you truly respect.

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