One of the most difficult struggles I have had over the years is choosing which aspect of my geekhood to focus on.

Should I play more games? Read more books? Watch more anime? Write more?

Between working, eating, keeping myself in shape, getting the proper amount of sleep, there simply isn’t enough time to give to all those hobbies of mine, each with a capacity to consume all my time if I allow them.

Some people manage to get past this hurdle by making their hobbies their job. You like games? Become a twitch streamer. Books are your thing? Become an editor or writer. Anime buff? Illustrate, design, write.

This site is the representation of all these different interests of mine, a sort of window into my inner world that wants to do all these things but rarely has the time to do it.

Finding a balance between it all, being able to funnel my passions into some kind of lifestyle that allows me to properly express all the chaotic love I have for these mediums would be amazing.

I see it everywhere, especially among young people these days. Hours and hours spent gaming or watching shows, meanwhile their health suffers, social lives suffer, and other interests of theirs stagnate.

Maybe humans just aren’t that good at finding balance, or perhaps it’s a glitch in those of us who find pleasure in fictional realities.

Whatever the case, it’s an important topic to think of if you’re looking to live a good life.

Ponder away folks.

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