People have a bit of an obsession with their phones these days. They always have them by their side, sleep with them, are afraid of missing out on anything happening online, and are horrified when they think they have left their phone at home, or even worse, that they have lost it.

Imagine the kind of psychological effect this is having day in and day out, being attached to an object like this. Imagine how it must be affecting our moods, our psyche, when we start off every day reaching for our phones like a drug addict. To make matters worse, most start the day not just checking their text messages, no, they go on social media and check up on everything happening everywhere.

This is a massive stressor to our system. Think about it, before people even brush their teeth and drink some water, before they allow their bodies to even fully awaken, they are sending a deluge of useless, and many times negative, information into their minds.

It isn’t healthy folks.

This isn’t some old man rant against phones, they are useful, BUT they should not be controlling you to this degree.

I hereby have decided to put in my two cents of how you should start your day.

It should start with a book. To be fair, it could be an audio book. The important thing is that if you want to start your day intaking information, then make it be good information. Make it be the kind of information you find in a book. Books are planned out, there is research put into them, someone took their time, money, effort, and love to craft this art.

Books shape perspective, improve focus, help us to understand the world better.

Running to our phones for instant gratification does not.

Oh, and if you could make sure to start your day with a nice walk outside and some water that would probably start your day with a bang.

Try it, you just might thank me later.

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