We all could use a little stoicism in our lives.

At it’s core, stoicism is all about shifting our perspective of life and our part in it.

It’s an understanding that regardless of what happens to you, it falls to you to choose how you will interpret, react, and move forward with the things that life throws at you, even when they are horrible.

This isn’t to say that you should just meditate yourself to happiness the moment after you lose a loved one, or just let it slide when people insult you, but it is important to understand that most of the time when bad things happen or are done to us, the only one losing is ourselves, especially if we allow ourselves to wallow in anger, self pity, or despair.

This is extremely important to focus on these days. With more and more people turning to the online world for comfort, work, and entertainment, we are losing our ability to understand others around us.

People spend so much time watching videos, staring at pictures, playing games, reading articles, that they get very little in the way of education out in the real world about how to interact with others, how to take criticism, give criticism, how to not simply break down every time someone has a differing opinion from us.

This is especially true when we are dealing with a challenging subject or task and have to acknowledge that we simply are not that good at it.

Gamers might be some of the most interesting subjects to study this phenomenon. Watch any gamers for a long enough period of time and you will see some of the most unchecked emotion ever, almost bipolar in nature. Shifting from pure bliss to intense rage within moments is quite the norm for online gamers, and the vitriol that can spew out of even the calmest, most loving person when they lose or feel that a game is unfair is pretty unnerving.

This effect is bleeding over into social media as well, as people just don’t know how to handle anything that contradicts what they like or believe.

It’s scary to think that future generations will go into politics growing up in this atmosphere of being applauded for having zero emotional control or ability to view many sides of an issue.

Everything is a yes or no, there is no more in between.

There is no more understanding that a game is just a game, that someone who was rude to you or said something you dislike might just be ignorant of something or just be having a bad day or week.

Cancel culture, rage, guilty before proven, and even after.

Stoicism is needed more than ever in these times.

It’s the wake up call the online world needs.

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