Novelty is the drug of choice in 2020.

If it isn’t brand spanking, fresh off the press new then gosh darn we aren’t going to look at it.

The internet is a deluge of choice, perhaps not as much as your neighborhood grocery stores pasta selection but it’s hitting a solid #2 on the holy shit what do I look at rictor scale of bullshit.

It amazes me how much literal crap there is online these days, and yet as terrible as it is, it is comforting to me that peoples need for redundant things is filling up the internet instead of the real world.

As bad as pollution and consumerism is in this day and age, we actually are steadily using fewer resources year by year as we not only become more efficient in our processing of stuff but also just our hyper focus on buying apps and online knick knacks instead of physical copies of things.

It is possible that we will eventually see a future where people spend most of their money on virtual things, and this could be a major boon to the environment.

That being said, it is worrying to see how much time people waste watching the same videos of cats and dogs and people getting violently hurt, or simply pulling rude pranks. The internet is a beacon for procastination, a marketplace for the proliferation of bad ideas, and a dumping ground for the worst aspects of human psychology.

There are, of course, numerous amazing things about the internet. The ability to educate ourselves for free or incredibly low cost, extremely interesting and beautifully made games, being able to connect across vast distances with people we like and love.

There is so much potential to the internet, if only we could somehow block off all the idiocy.

We shall see what the future brings, in the meantime the best policy is to educate everyone, especially younger folks, about the dangers of the internet and how best to create a positive environment on our computers and phones that serves us and not the other way around.

You’re the boss, not the damn internet.

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